3 Reasons Why WPX Hosting helps Digital Marketers

Hi there! Terry Kyle here, CEO and co-founder of WPX Hosting, and whether you call yourself a digital marketer, internet marketer, Web entrepreneur or online business owner, there are several key components that you need from your hosting to run your online business well.

From my own entrepreneurial journey, I have learned what these key components are and they are precicely why I built WPX Hosting back in 2013.

Below you will find three of the most important factors in web hosting that needed fixing, so my team and I set out to solve them!


As a digital marketer, you need:

1. Hosting that does NOT instantly shut off your website during a traffic spike, such as during a product launch or email campaign.

This has happened to me too often with the likes of Hostgator and Bluehost; “unlimited bandwidth” just turned out to be a marketing hoax – check the fine print on their ToS – and the instant that bandwidth is exceeded with such companies, sites are AUTOMATICALLY switched off!

At WPX Hosting, we do NOT have sharp, automatic bandwidth ceilings and when a site does temporarily exceed its limit, we personally review it (a CDN can usually resolve the issue) and discuss it with the site owner. All the while, the website stays online and WPX Hosting users never see this dreaded message:

Let’s take a look at an extract from Godaddy’s Terms of Service regarding their ‘unlimited bandwidth’ (now sometimes called ‘unmetered bandwidth’) as an example:

“Unlimited Disk Space/Bandwidth/Website Plans.  Web Hosting and WordPress Hosting plans are designed to host most personal, small business and organization websites, and thus we offer unlimited bandwidth and some plans offer unlimited disk space and websites. This means that we do not set a limit on the amount of bandwidth, websites or disk space you may use in the operation of your website, provided it complies with this Agreement. In the event the bandwidth, number of websites or disk space usage of your website presents a risk to the stability, performance or uptime of our servers, data storage, networking or other infrastructure, you may be required to upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated Server, or we may take action to restrict the resources your website is utilizing.”

Doesn’t exactly sound unlimited does it? In practice, it’s far from it and automated site shut-offs have become commonplace.


2. Hosting that does NOT shut off your entire site, or even account, if some malware is found on your site.

Our team constantly monitors all our users’ websites for malware and we remove it ourselves, usually without any interruption to sites hosted with WPX.

In extreme cases, we may need to shut off a particular plugin or disable email sending as the malware is being used for mass spamming however, usually we fix these issues – at no cost to you – before you even realise there’s a problem!


3. As a digital marketer, you want your sites loading FAST – not just for Google but for your visitors’ experience on your website/s.

Though I dislike techno-jargon, for a moment I need to use it as WPX Hosting runs on the fastest, highest spec SSD-based servers currently available (we own them, we never rent them), we deliberately UNDERload them for maximum performance, we use HTTP/2, offer the latest PHP 7.X, have enterprise-level DDoS protection in place, PLUS there are many other ongoing speed and security optimisations at work ‘under the hood’.

In short, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that you will find any hosting, at any price, superior in page loading speed to WPX Hosting.

And that’s good for your online business, isn’t it?

Besides if you need help optimising your site for more speed, or if there’s a plugin or other issue somewhere slowing it down, let us know and we will optimise your site/s for free, forever.

We take site speed VERY seriously, as should you.


By the way, you can reach our 24/7/365 live Support Team (under 30 seconds average response time, according to LiveChat Inc.) at any time for fast, free resolutions to sticky problems on your business website/s – from my experience with the big hosting corporations, wait times on live support can be more like 20-30 minutes for each response.

As you can see, WPX Hosting was built BY digital marketers FOR digital marketers and that’s why we’re DIFFERENT and a smart choice for hosting your precious business websites.

Terry Kyle
CEO, WPX Hosting