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Are there any recommended themes and plugins for WooCommerce websites?

This article will showcase some of our top recommendations when it comes to themes and plugins for starting up a WooCommerce website.

Keep in mind that the themes and plugins mentioned are not specific and it depends on the type of WooCommerce store you want and need to set up.

Before we start with the list, the first thing to mention is the importance of having a reliable and reputable theme that is updated and worked on constantly. Using old and outdated themes or cracked ones could cost your business and overall website performance and security.

The correct theme for your WooCommerce site should provide you with regular updates in terms of security and additional tools that benefit your store and ensure that it is fast and provides the best shopping experience for your visitors.

The first theme in the list would be Astra. It comes with 100+ Pre-built WooCommerce Templates. That alone makes it a lot easier for you to choose a given template and start your online store a lot faster than customizing something from scratch.

The theme has constant updates and is regularly checked and maintained by active support. They have a lot of positive reviews and additionally, we at WPX are working in partnership with them for the WooCommerce Plans. They have multiple positive Trustpilot Reviews which you can check.

The second theme would be the Porto Theme. The same things can be applied here as well. It comes with a very intuitive Site Builder which is very good for beginners who are looking to get into WooCommerce for the first time. It has 130+ Pre-built WooCommerce Templates.

One of the most known Page Builders in the face of Elementor can be used and has integration with the theme. The Porto Theme is also regularly updated and new features are added to make life easier for all its users who are looking to build an online business. Lastly, the theme is also highly renowned for positive reviews and experiences from multiple users which you can check on here.

Before we start with the list, similarly to the topic of the themes, the plugins that you use for your WooCommerce website need to be reputable and updated regularly for security and added features.

The correct plugins should be compatible with the server setup that you use for hosting your online business and provide the needed caching features.

The first plugin on our list is indeed WP-Rocket for caching and faster performance on your WooCommerce website. In addition to having a partnership with WPX, we have pre-configured settings that best suit the cache plugin and our internal server system.

The cache plugin is trusted and has overwhelmingly positive Trustpilot reviews from users. It also comes with intuitive settings that exclude caching pages that are connected to payments and the product cart in terms of preventing conflict for one of the biggest issues that an online business can face.

The second plugin on the list would be none other than W3 Total Cache for having the long-term best results with our server setup. Similar to WP-Rocket, we have pre-configured recommended settings for the cache plugin to best suit your needs and website performance as well.

The third plugin on the list would be Litespeed Cache. Similar to the rest of the mentioned, it has over 4+ million installations and constant updates to provide security and features for your online store websites. Additionally, we have pre-configured recommended settings to work best on our servers and with the installation procedure which you can see in this article.

To top the recommendations, WPX will have optimized servers with additional levels of caching for performance such as WPX XDN and Redis Cache.

That’s it! If you have any other questions on the topic, don’t hesitate to contact the WPX Support Team via live chat (use the bottom right-hand widget) and they will respond and help within 30 seconds or less.

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