Can I host my Non-USA (e.g. UK) Website in the USA & Rank in Google in my Country?

We host many British and Australian websites and they rank and load very fast for visitors from those countries.

We also host many websites from Italy, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, and Canada, among many other countries, in the world’s largest datacenter in Chicago, US (for added security and speed) and those websites rank perfectly well in their own countries.

And given the speed of our machines and network, visitors from those non-USA countries still get very fast page load speeds!

Bear in mind that WPX Hosting now offers hosting in London, UK, giving our European and middle-eastern users a closer datacentre.

It is important to know that Google currently regards the following domains as generic and NOT country specific:


Google FIRSTLY looks at the domain extension of a website in deciding in which country it should rank for BEFORE its hosting location; this article by Google details their current policy on the issue, in which they state:

If your site has a country-coded top-level domain (such as .ie) it is already associated with a geographic region (in this example, Ireland). In this case, you won’t be able to specify a geographic location (in Google Webmaster Tools).

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