Can I Install WordPress Multisite On WPX?

Yes and we already run WP Multisite installations on WPX.


WordPress Multisite installations are governed by the same limits as any normal website or account hosted on WPX.

Note 1: Multisite installations are generally NOT recommended with WPX Hosting because every website hosted here has dedicated resources.

In the case of Multisite installations, all websites under the main website of the Multisite Installation will share the same resources i.e. the resources intended for 1 website will be spread across many sites.

Note 2:  Subdomains created within a WP Multisite installation do NOT count against the number of available website slots in your WPX account.

However, normal non-Multisite subdomains DO count against the 5, 15 or 35 website slot allocations for each plan.

You can enable your website to support a Multisite installation with a few simple steps via your Hosting Panel.

First, you must to go to your Hosting Panel, which you can do via our website.

Log in to WPX and select My Services (1) → Scroll Down (2) → Service Management (3).

You will be arrive directly in the Service Details section of your Hosting Panel.

In the left menu, select the Websites/SSL (1) tab. You can manage your websites from this menu and on the right side of each website name, you’ll see the Settings (2) option.

Click on Settings and a pop-up menu will open, where you can enable Multisite.

Under the first tab, which reads Domain (1), you will see a check-box asking to install WP Multisite (2). Tick that box and then click Save Changes:

You have now activated your WordPress Multisite installation.

If you get stuck with any function discussed here, please contact WPX Support via live chat (use the bottom right hand widget!) and they will usually respond and help within 30 seconds or less.