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Can I use more than one caching plugin?

Having a caching plugin for your website is essential for its speed and performance. There are, however, pros and cons of using more than one cache plugin if not configured properly.

In this article, we will explain our recommendations in regards to using only one caching plugin which would best suit your needs.

Plugin conflict.

The main concern with using more than one cache plugin comes from the fact that they both do the same thing which would result in a conflict.

That would either make them not work properly or break the site which would hurt your performance and cause downtime as well.

We recommend W3 Total Cache because it has been tested and works best with our server cache configuration alongside WPX XDN.

How can I make multiple cache plugins work together?

Most caching plugins include different functions and options that you can use to avoid plugin conflict and any potential issues for your website. It is important to take note that if you need to use more than one cache plugin, to make sure they will not be used for the same thing.

W3 Total Cache and Autoptimize.

After these explanations, we can offer a solution by using more than one caching plugin which has been tested with specific settings to work altogether.

That being said, they can work together for different purposes and functions so that you avoid plugin conflict. Additionally, your website can get better performance and speed results.

W3 Total Cache and Autoptimize may conflict with certain other plugins. If you do experience any trouble, please disable the plugins or contact our Support Team.

If you get stuck with anything discussed on this page, please get in touch with WPX Support Team via live chat (use the bottom right-hand widget) and they will respond and help within 30 seconds or less.

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