Do ‘Performance Grades’ On Pingdom Tools & GTMetrix Matter?

When you analyse your website in Pingdom Tools or GTMetrix, it’s easy to give too much weight to the so-called ‘Performance Grades’ that they provide.

What really matters is the actual load time and then looking at their ‘waterfalls’ to see where the speed bottlenecks are (for example, ad platforms delivering content from slow, overloaded external servers).

In fact, many of the biggest websites online have poor or very poor Performance Grades in Pingdom Tools and/or GTMetrix, yet load quickly.

For instance, Pingdom Tools’ Performance Grade on Pingdom Tools is… a ‘B’? It looks like they aren’t even following their own arbitrary guidelines:

If the Performance Grade on Pingdom Tools was such a big deal, wouldn’t Pingdom themselves optimise their own speed-testing site to get an ‘A’ rating Performance Grade on its own platform?

Yet when you visit their page, it loads quickly and that’s what counts.

The same goes for, where Google has billions of dollars in resources to easily optimise for an ‘A’ Performance Grade but they know that it’s the page loading time that really matters; YouTube gets a ‘C’ here on Pingdom:


And Google Page Speed Insights, Google’s own speed-measuring platform, doesn’t even get an ‘A’ on Pingdom:


And, the world’s first trillion dollar company, scored only a ‘C’ on Pingdom:

Apple didn’t do any better on GTMetrix:

While could only manage a ‘B’ on Pingdom:

Do these giant companies worry about their Pingdom/GTMetrix Performance Grades?


But what the world’s most successful online companies do care very much about is the page loading time, and that’s the number to watch when you analyse your own website/s on these services.

So if you’re seeing unusually slow page loading speed with your site/s hosted on WPX, please let our friendly Support Team know and they will investigate further for you, fast and free.