Does WPX Hosting Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, WPX Hosting does have an Affiliate Program and all current WPX users are automatically added as Affiliates!

If you are not a WPX Affiliate and would like to be, please raise a support ticket here:

Once enabled, you can access your Affiliate Hub by selecting it under My Account;


1. Terry Kyle, the co-owner of WPX Hosting, is available for interviews, podcasts, and webinars for your email subscribers to discuss the importance of high-quality hosting, SEO, and anything else hosting-related. Contact Terry via support(at) to discuss further!

2. What is ”a valid sale” that will earn you a commission?

  • Your active promotional efforts have resulted in a sale, whereby the customer arrived at our website, ready to purchase, via your Affiliate link – as indicated by a cookie.

  • At the time of sale, your Affiliate account was active.

  • А customer WILL NOT be considered as a referral if they:

    • delete their cookies;
    • have JavaScript disabled;
    • sign up from a different browser;
    • circumvent our tracking system in any other way;
  • The referred customer is NEW to our hosting service and is NOT a current affiliate partner.

  • The sale was for our Business, Professional or Elite plan at any billing cycle.

  • The customer completed their purchase without any (outside) assistance from you (the Affiliate) whatsoever.

  • The referral has paid via their own Credit Card or Paypal account. Payments completed via the Affiliate’s payment methods are considered Fraud.

  • WPX Hosting affiliates are NOT credited with affiliate commissions for purchasing hosting from WPX Hosting for themselves.

  • After the sale, the referred customer has maintained an active account and did not downgrade.

3. The WPX Affiliate Commission rate is as follows:

1 → 25 referrals earns you $70 per sale,

26 → 100 referrals earns you $85 per sale,

101+ referrals earns you $100 per sale!

4. We manually check all due commissions and obviously make sure that you get paid (via PayPal) the correct amount.

5. VERY IMPORTANT: Like most hosting companies, our Affiliate Program pays out affiliate commissions AFTER the referred customer’s paid-in amount COVERS the affiliate’s commission PLUS the 30 day refund period has lapsed which is 4 months in total.

For example: A successful affiliate referral signup for a Business Plan hosting subscription on January 1, would mean that the affiliate would receive $70 on or about May 1.

***However, if the new referred signup used a discount code, the affiliate payment would fall due on June 1 (there is an additional month of subscription required to protect us from potential affiliate fraud).***

We know that 4-5 months is a long time to wait on commissions but it’s only the first commission payment that is a long wait (like Amazon’s 4-5 month lag as well). This is necessary to avoid fraud through stolen credit cards etc.

For instance, from a couple of other hosting company’s T&C pages:

Bluehost: Affiliate referral fees are locked 45 days after the end of the month in which the credit is recorded. Payments are then processed and sent out from the 16th through the last day of the month or until all payments have been sent. EXAMPLE: Credits recorded in January will lock on the 15th of March and payments are sent after the 16th.

Greengeeks: The reason commissions are delayed until the middle of the following month is because there can be a large amount of fraud which can come through an affiliate program and because we have a 30 day money back guarantee we need to delay the commissions to make sure that our company’s affiliate program is not being defrauded.