Does WPX Hosting Offer Servers Located In The UK?

As of August 2020, WPX offers 3 different hosting locations:

– Chicago, USA
– London, UK, and
– Sydney, Australia.

However, since the introduction of our own custom, high-speed CDN (Content Delivery Network) in 2018, which is free for all WPX customers, your origin hosting location may be less important.

If you’re new to WPX Hosting, the UK hosting option can be found here on our Plans page, under the Get Started dropdown:

Should I move my site to the UK location?

If you or your target audience is based in or around Europe, it may be beneficial for you to host your website closer to home.

These new UK servers are as high-spec as our superfast servers in Chicago’s Lakeside Technology Center.

You can therefore expect the very same levels of network strength, reliability, and speed as you experienced from our Chicago servers, only now you can benefit from even higher performance, faster conversions, and improved SEO if you’re based in Europe.

We recommend migrating your WPX Hosting websites – which we’ll do for free for you – over to our London-based servers if you are operating in and around Europe. In this case, we also recommend familiarizing yourself with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulations.

If you are not operating in or near the European area, then you need not be concerned.

So it's time to migrate?

Migration is extremely easy – in fact, it’s so easy you don’t actually have to do anything! Simply inform our Support Team here that you wish to move to our London servers.

Once we’ve been informed, we’ll begin moving your site from our servers in Chicago to London. Don’t forget that your migration will be completely free!

Again, we recommend migrating to our new London servers only if your website/online business operates within the European area, or is at least physically closer to London than it is to Chicago.

When will my site move to London be completed?

As standard, please expect your migration to be complete in up to 48 hours after migration begins however, it your migration will likely be complete much sooner than this. 

In the meantime, your website will remain up and running and you can continue with business as usual – though avoid making any changes to your site during the transfer as those changes could be lost.

You will still have access to the same high-speed hosting and features as before, such as DDoS Protection, unlimited free SSL Certificates, Site Staging, 28-day backups (and manual backups), managed migrations, PHP 7.X, HTTP/2 and the free WPX Cloud CDN! 

If you get stuck with anything discussed here, please contact WPX Support via live chat (use the bottom right hand widget!) and they will usually respond and help within 30 seconds or less.