What To Do When A Domain Transfer To WPX Fails?

Transferring a domain to WPX is possible, as long the domain itself is NOT a country code top-level domain (such as .uk, .co.uk, .it, .de, .com.au etc) as we no longer support those for boring, complicated reasons. 

The entire domain transferring process can be checked from within your WPX account. 

All you have to do is log into your WPX account and select My ServicesDomains and then select the domain for which you want to check the transfer process.

There are several reasons why you may NOT be able to transfer your domain to WPX and what you should do to enable that process:

1. The domain is in ‘Registrar Lock’ status at the domain registrar.

At your domain registrar where the domain currently is registered (e.g. Namecheap, Name.com, GoDaddy), the ‘Registrar Lock’ status may be switched on and this prevents any unauthorized domain transfers as well as any changes to that domain’s settings at that registrar.

By default, the domain registrar should have a setting or switch that allows you to lock or unlock your domain.

However, if you want to transfer your domain elsewhere, you must unlock it.

If you don’t know how to do it (and some domain registrars require a chat with their support for this), you will need to contact the support team of your current registrar to unlock the domain that you want to move.

2. An accurate EPP authorization code is needed to approve the domain transfer.

An Authorization Code (aka EPP Code or Key), is a code created by a domain registrar to help identify the domain name holder. 

In other words, it provides an extra level of security for domain name registration and transfer. 

That’s why you need to have a valid EPP key from your current domain registrar in order to transfer your domain to WPX. 

If you cannot create your own EPP Code through your control panel, you should contact the registrar’s support to obtain an EPP Code.

IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that, without an EPP Code, you will NOT be able to transfer your domain name to WPX or anywhere else.

3. The email address listed in the Whois directory is not valid.

When you register a domain with WPX or transfer a domain to us, you will receive a verification email. 

You should always check your Spam folder if the verification email has not appeared. 

However, if you cannot find your verification email, please contact us immediately, we will then resend the verification email so that you can verify your email address and activate your domain/s transfer.

4. The domain expired before the transfer was initiated.

If your domain expires in less than 7 days, please keep in mind that, the transfer will fail. 

That’s why we advise you to contact your current registrar to ensure that the domain is available for transfer.

5. When the domain is newly registered.

ICANN regulations prevent the transfer of a domain anywhere that is less than 60 days old. 

That’s why the domain name must be at least 60 days past the initial registration date before it can be transferred.

After selecting the domain, you will see two information sections:

1. Status Message

2. Transfer History

The Status Message shows all of the information about the domain transfer e.g. whether the transfer has actually started or not and any issues with the domain transfer (incorrect EPP code, for example).

The Transfer History shows the past transfer records for this domain.

If you get stuck with any part of your domain transfer process, please approach WPX Support via Live Chat where we usually respond in less than 30 seconds.