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WPX Automatic backups. How can I restore my website?

If you need to restore your website, WPX got you covered. We do daily backups for all of your websites and we keep those backups for 28 days. In the Backups menu, there are two types of Backups that you can use: Personal Backups and Automatic Backups.

If you have deleted a website from the Manage websites menu, you need to contact the WPX support team to restore it.

In this article, we will show you how you can restore your websites from an Automatic backup.

Step 1. Log in to your WPX account.

You can log in to your WPX account here.

Step 2. Navigate to your hosting plan.

You can either find your hosting service through the navigation menu or within your dashboard. Once you log in to your WPX account select My Services (1) → WordPress Hosting (2).

Then you will see all of your hosting services with us. When you find the plan that you want to manage, you need to select the orange button Manage service.

Step 3. Go to the Backups menu.

Now that you’re in the Hosting Panel, select the Backups (1) menu. After that, you need to select the website that you wish to restore from the dropdown (2) menu.

Step 4. Select a backup point date from the automatic backups.

Once you select the website, the Backups page will expand and show you the available options. At the bottom of the page, you will see the available backup points under Restore An Automatic Backup.

The available backup points are marked in the calendar in orange color.

Step 5. Select restoring options and restore the website.

After you select the date from which you want to restore your website, the page will expand and show you the backup information and the available options for the restoration.

You can see the backup information on the left. There is the ID of the backup point and the exact date and time when it was created (1). The date and time are based on your time zone.

On the right side of the page, you can see the available restoration options (2). From there, you can select what should be restored from that backup point.

  • Restore files and static content
  • Restore databases
  • Restore E-mail boxes

This is the option that is selected by default when selecting a backup point. If you wish to completely restore a website, you should select the database as well.

If you have multiple databases connected to this website, you can select all of them to be restored or just the ones you need.

Also, you can Restore your deleted email boxes. If you deleted the email box from our WPX control panel, you need to re-add it before the restore. Otherwise, the email box won’t appear in your backup points.

The option Empty public_html folder will delete everything from the public_html folder of your website, before restoring the backup you have selected.

The public_html folder of the website is the root directory, meaning that all of the files there will be deleted before the restoration.

There will be downtime during the restoration process if you select to empty the public_html folder. This option can be used if your website is infected and you are trying to restore a completely clean backup point of your website.

Step 6. Run website restore process.

When you select the restoration options that you need for your website, click on the Run website restore process button.

The task will be added to the WPX automation queue. Once you’ve initiated a task, you can leave the page and the process will be completed. Leaving a page in your WPX Dashboard will not terminate that queued/automated process.

You can find more information and other automatic features in this article.

When your website has been restored you will receive the green notification in the top right corner.

That’s it! Don’t forget to clear the cache of your browser to preview the restored website.

If you get stuck with anything discussed on this page, please get in touch with the WPX Support Team via live chat (use the bottom right-hand widget) and they will respond and help within 30 seconds or less.

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