How Do I Preview a Website Hosted on WPX Hosting without Pointing to the Domain?

You can simplify the development of your new website on our hosting service using this method, without affecting the live version on your previous hosting service. 

This method can also help if you want to develop your website on the domain name which you will register in future, or if you just want to check your website after migration before pointing the domain to our servers.


Basically, the ‘hosts‘ file overrides your integrated Domain Name Server (DNS) client, which is used every time you try to load a website with a Top-Level Domain (TLD) via your browser. So instead of this older DNS client, your new DNS client will start to route requests directly to the web server of the IP address defined.


Before starting, you need to know what domain name you will use for this procedure. It should be something simple and memorable, like (we will use this name as an example for this tutorial).

The second essential piece of information is the Server IP Address, which you can find via your Dashboard. From the Dashboard, click on My Services and select WordPress Hosting. Under Service Details, you will see your Server IP Address near the bottom. You can see the location of the Server IP Address in the screenshot below:


The next step is to visit this Website:

3.1. Once you’re there, fill in the form with your Server IP Address and Website’s (Domain) name.

3.2. Once you click on ‘Get My Testing URL‘, the system will automatically generate a temporary URL, which you can use to check/test your website on a certain server.

Click on the temporary URL you are given (example below):

Note: This URL will ONLY be available for 24 hours!

3.3. You’re done! You can now preview your website on a different server.

The temporary URL will be displayed in the browser’s address bar (e.g. 

Be careful to NOT make any changes on your website using that temporary URL! If you do, all the changes you’ve made will be saved in the database under that temporary URL – when the URL expires, your website might appear broken.

Do NOT make any website changes using this temporary URL. 

This method is ONLY for previewing your website, NOT editing it.

If you get stuck with any function discussed here, please contact WPX Support via live chat (use the bottom right hand widget!) and they will usually respond and help within 30 seconds or less.