How to access your Error Logs

If you experience an issue on your website, you can check your Error Logs before contacting support. 

The Error Logs keep track of all server request errors that have happened on your website.

To check your Error Logs, you must firstly log in to WPX Hosting with your credentials, then go to: My Services (1) -> Scroll Down (2) -> Service Management (3)

The next step is going to the Websites/SSL (4) section. There, on the opposite side of your domain/s, you will find a button that says Logs (5). When you click on Logs (5), you will get a drop-down menu from which you can pick between Access Logs and Error Logs (6).

Choose Error Logs and there you should find information on any issues that have happened on your website.

If you need further help with what you have seen here, please ask WPX Support through the live chat widget in the bottom right hand of this screen – we usually answer in 30 seconds or less.