How to access your Webmail

You can access your webmail via the hosting panel.

First, you must access your hosting panel Dashboard, which you can do by logging in to our website and then going to My Services → WordPress Hosting (1) → Service Management in this Account.

Once you are in the Dashboard of your hosting account (as seen below), go to the
 E-mail Boxes (2) tab on the left-hand side and select Webmail Client (3) next to the “Add an email box” button;

Once you click the Webmail Client button, a new browser window will be opened with the gateway to the webmail client. Please enter the username and the password you choose when creating the mailbox.

Once you have entered the correct username and password please click the “Sign in” button as the final step of the process.

If you get stuck with anything discussed on this page, please contact WPX Support via live chat (use the bottom right hand widget!) and we will usually respond and help within 30 seconds or less.