How To Complete The Migration Form

Site migrations to WPX from other hosts usually take up to 24 hours and are free (unless changing domains at the same time which is a $98 charge as it requires a lot of database editing and checking e.g. moving from to with the same content).

It is super easy to submit your migration request through our Migration Form.

In order to submit your Migration request, firstly you will need to access our Migration Form.

You can do this from the Migrations button which is located on our navigation bar:

Or you can access the Migration Form inside your WPX Control Panel here:

My Services(1)  Wordpress Hosting (2) Send a migration Request (3);

Once you open the Migration Form, you will able to choose your migration type. 

Once you open the migration form, you will be able to choose your migration type (express or normal):

– Free Migration (completed within 24 hours )
– Express Migration (skipping the migration queue, completed as soon as possible )

Note: Once you have selected the Express Migration service, as per our Terms of Service, this is considered a paid service and the cost of an Express Migration is US$100 (VAT Excl.).

When you submit the Express Migration request, we will generate a new invoice for the service automatically. Once the invoice is fully paid, a ticket with the highest priority will be opened and the migration will start immediately.

Step 1

Once you select the migration type, you must enter all the required details of your old hosting account.

1. First, you will need to choose in which hosting service you want to migrate your website;

2. You need to enter the domain you want to migrate with us, as seen below;

3. Every WordPress website has a login page to its backend. 

Because this link can be changed easily with a plugin, please let us know yours! 

By default the link is

4. In order to be sure that the website is exactly the same as on your previous hosting, we need wp-admin credentials. 

If you do not trust us with us with your main admin credentials, please create temporary ones.

Then you need to grant us access to your website’s files through one of the following:

  • SiteGround
  • cPanel / Hosting account
  • FTP/SFTP and phpMyAdmin
  • SSH
  • Backup (must contain files and database).
  • Migration with a Plugin
Note: Please keep in mind that if you choose the migration process with a plugin, we cannot guarantee 100% transfer and completion of the migration (with a WordPress plugin). 

Many hosting providers set up limits and restrictions for such plugins (and migrations often fail as a result). 

We recommend selecting a different type of migration process, preferably with access to your hosting

Once you enter all the required details, you ALSO need to tell us if you want us to migrate your mailbox too or whether you are using an external mail service.

If you don’t need any mailboxes migrated and are not using a mail service, you can select the option “I don’t need any mails transferred over”.

If you want us to migrate your mailboxes you will need to enter the following information;

The Email Incoming and Email Outgoing Server fields usually contain the same information in most cases.

If you have more than one Email address that needs to be migrated, you can add more by clicking the Add more button. 

Step 3 – Additional information 

Note: The fields below are not required; if you don’t have this information or it isn’t relevant, you can leave these boxes empty.

Step 4 – W3 Total Cache and Autoptimize

Finally, please choose if you want us to install our recommended cache plugin W3TC which works best with our servers and the WPX Cloud (for high speed performance).
When complete, you can submit the request with the button in the bottom right corner and we’ll start the migration process

If all the information is correct, we can start the migration immediately. If we need more information before starting however, we’ll let you know. 
If you get stuck with any function discussed here, please contact WPX Support via live chat (use the bottom right hand widget!) and we will usually respond and help within 30 seconds or less.