How to Connect your WPX Email Account with Gmail

In this article, we will explain how to connect your WPX Email account with your Gmail account. This will allow you to see emails sent to your WPX email from your Gmail inbox.

If you want to learn how to set up G-Suite (formerly known as Google Apps), then you can find out how in this article. 

Step 1:
Forward your email addresses to your Gmail account.

You can forward any of your email addresses directly to your Gmail account. You can view the emails that are sent to your other email accounts from Gmail after you have forwarded the addresses to Gmail. To learn how to set up forwarding, you can read this article in our Knowledgebase. 

Step 2:
Access your Gmail settings.

The first thing you need to do is to log in to your Google account;

Access your Gmail accountThen access your Gmail Settings;

Find your Gmail Settings here

 Click on the Accounts and Import tab;

Click on Accounts and Import

Within that tab, you will see a section titled ‘Send mail as’. To begin the process of adding another email address to your account, click on Add another email address;

Add another email address

Step 3:
Configure your Gmail account.
After you select Add another email address, new window will open;

Input your account detailsIn the Name field, add the name you want associated with the email address you’re connecting to Gmail.
In the Email address field, add the email address you want to connect.
Keep the Treat as an alias box checked, then click Next Step.
Now you must configure your Gmail settings to use our server’s SMTP;

Under SMTP Server, write the name of the server you are using and under Username and Password, input the credentials for your email account.
You have received those credentials upon the email box creation.

After you fill out the form and click Add Account, Google will send you an email to verify the account you have added. One way to find this email will be via the webmail

In the email you received, you will find 2 options to verify the account:

1) To enter a confirmation code in the window and click Verify,
2) Or to click the confirmation link in the email you receive,

Once you’re done, the configuration window will close and you will return to Accounts and Import. There, you will see a new option, When replying to a message;

Check the option: Reply from the same address the message was sent to …and you are done!

If at any point you get stuck, or aren’t sure how to proceed, just raise a support ticket with us here:

and we’ll answer ASAP.