Is There A Limit To Free Site Speed Optimizations At WPX?

Unlike every other hosting company that we know of, WPX offers a free site speed diagnosis/optimization to its hosting customers.

Please note however that there can be a significant queue for this work and the backlog is usually several days.

Site speed optimizations are only offered by WPX for free ONCE per website per customer.

This is time-intensive work by a skilled WPX technician.

While WPX Support can usually diagnose issues quickly, an actual optimization for speed is ONLY offered for free ONCE per site per customer.

If you are concerned about a poor score on Google’s Core Web Vitals or Google Page Speed Insights, the WPX CEO, Terry Kyle, has written on this topic here and here, where he shows how Google’s own sites perform very poorly on their own tool.

Should you need additional work on your site, a service like WP Fixit could help but note that it is a paid service ($147 per optimization or $49 per hour).

Here you can see how much charge for each separate speed optimization, prices start at $249: