My Site Still Seems Slow After Moving To WPX – Why?

WPX Hosting prides itself on extremely fast page loading speed, as independently verified here, and in part, thanks to our own custom Cloud CDN.

But, you say, I moved my site to WPX expecting to see that famous superfast speed…

And I didn’t!

OK, so let’s break this down, step-by-step.

Firstly, the main tools for measuring page loading speed at this time are:

  • Pingdom Tools
  • GTMetrix
  • Google Page Speed Insights

And on your site, there are TWO main types of content that need to load when a visitor comes to your site:

  1. Content that DOES load from a WPX server (e.g. text, images, CSS)
  2. Content that DOES NOT load from a server owned by WPX but is owned by a 3rd-party (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook tracking pixel, Google Fonts, Google Ads, Hotjar/Crazy Egg, live chat widgets, ad serving networks, retargeting)

Your WordPress site is probably running a bunch of these 3rd-party server sourced scripts (like retargeting) and content coming from massively overloaded servers owned by Google, Facebook, ad networks, live chat companies and heat map tracking companies like Hotjar or Crazyegg.

WPX has no control whatsoever over how servers at Google, Facebook, Hotjar, Zendesk, Perfect Audience or other software companies are managed or overloaded/underloaded.

And it is these elements that are massively slowing down your REPORTED loading time at Pingdom/GTMetrix/Google Page Speed Insights/

Just look at how slow this 3rd-party content is loading and adding to the REPORTED loading time on, this is a very small script from Perfect Audience for retargeting yet adds 1.357 seconds to our reported loading time in Pingdom Tools:


and this tiny script used for Facebook tracking adds 1.497 seconds to our reported load time – just ONE small script NOT loading from WPX servers:

And here, ONE tiny ad tracking script is adding 0.7 seconds to reported loading time:

In fact, some tools loading from 3rd-party servers have to load MULTIPLE scripts, each of which can add a LOT to your reported load time.

To check the accuracy of the above evidence, please remove these scripts from your site, clear your cache and re-try the speed test on your preferred tool.

In short, as long as you are running a bunch of 3rd-party scripts on your WordPress site, you will most likely be seeing slow reported load times.

Moving to any host in the world or the most powerful server ever invented won’t speed up your site’s reported speed because it is OTHER servers slowing down the page load, NOT WPX servers in this case.

However, these 3rd-party elements typically load in the background AFTER the main content of the page has loaded so the reported loading speed is usually not accurate and needs to be considered in a different way to what actual human visitors to your website see.

Plus, WPX’s optimization team are happy to look at your site for any other speed bottlenecks and that is a free service for you – please contact them here (you must be logged in) for that service.

I hope that clarifies!

Always here to help
Terry Kyle
Chief Dog Lover/CEO
WPX Hosting