Setting Up Amazon Cloudfront CDN With Your WordPress Site

To begin setting up a CloudFront CDN on your website, first you must install the W3 Total Cache plugin on your website, if you have not done so already.

Once you have installed W3 Total Cache, go to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Performance General Settings, as seen below:

Find General Settings under Performance in your WP Dashboard

There are many options here but we need to go to the CDN section. From the CDN Type drop-down menu, select Amazon CloudFront under the Original Pull/Miror section:

Select CDN type from the drop-down menu

After this, select Save Settings and then return to the W3 Total Cache tab; go to Performance → CDN, as seen below:

Go to the CDN menu under Performance

Here you will find the Configuration section. You must then input your unique subdomain (provided either by Amazon inside their CDN admin area or by us if we are handling the CDN configuration for you) in the ‘Replace site’s hostname with’ field.

Input your unique subdomain here

After this, click on Save all Settings and return to Performance General Settings CDN section to enable the CDN.

Tick Enable and then click Save all Settings once more and Cloudfront CDN should now be working!

Bear in mind that the first couple of page loads on your website may seem slower than usual, this is because the CDN network must read and cache your website. This occurs during the first few page loads after the CDN has been activated however, after the page has been cached by the Cloudfront CDN, page loads will become faster.

If you get stuck and need any help with the procedure, please raise a support ticket here:

and we will reply ASAP. 


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