What Are The Limits To Site Optimization At WPX Hosting?

One of the original reasons that I set up WPX Hosting back in 2013 was that I was fed up with terrible hosting support, especially from the so-called ‘big name’ brands.

For example, a couple of years back, we introduced our ‘Fixed For You’ Guarantee:


This means that if any technical issue has pushed your site offline, we would do the technical fix necessary to get it back up, fast and free.

In contrast, most other hosting companies will send you a link to a long technical article and expect you to

[a] understand it,

[b] extract the right solution from that article, and then

[c] apply it to your broken site.

The thing is though that your expertise is probably not in the same technical area as the problem affecting your site.

And trying to decipher and apply the right technical solution is just going to take a long time and cause you a lot of frustration.

Instead, WPX Hosting support experts can usually identify the issue very quickly and fix it for you.

For free.

And we can also check sites with terrible loading speed (as we are arguably the fastest WP host in the world, according to Matthew Woodward) and see what improvements can be made.

Usually it will be a WP plugin problem or a conflict between plugins or possibly a theme issue.

I wrote more about the good and bad sides of WordPress plugins here:


And quick speed fixes for your WordPress site here:


However, if you feel that you lack the skills or confidence to tackle that and your website is much slower than it should be now that it is hosted on WPX, please raise a support ticket for the Optimization Team here:

https://wpxhosting.com/tickets/new/ (When Logged In)

and they will check your site, Monday-Friday during business hours here.

The WPX Hosting Optimization Team can also check malware and remove that from your website as well – again a free service for you.


There are limits to what WPX Hosting Support and our Optimization Team can do for you for free.

In most cases, these will require a developer (e.g. at wpcurve.com) or contact with the coder or company that created the troublesome plugin in the first place.

So here is what WPX Hosting CANNOT offer you:

1. We cannot fix a broken or dysfunctional plugin or theme (that is the coder’s responsibility).

While we can usually identify the problematic plugin and disable it, repairing their code is beyond the scope of what we can do from our end.

2. Some websites accumulate many deep technical issues over years and any such site requiring the editing of ‘hard-coded’ database connections, something that may not even be fixable.

Database editing and/or repair is also beyond our Fixed For You Guarantee.

3. So-called ‘external resources’ can be a MASSIVE drag on the reported loading speed of a website on Pingdom Tools or GTmetrix.

For instance, webpages can contain a lot of elements that have to be pulled from OTHER servers, apart from your main Web hosting server (WPX).

Such elements include things like:

• Google Fonts
• Ad network content
• Gravatars for blog comments
• Google Analytics
• Facebook widgets
• Iframes to external pages

These types of elements are notoriously slow and your Web host can’t do anything about that as those OVERLOADED servers belong to OTHER companies like Google and Facebook.

4. WPX Hosting also cannot offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.

For that kind of work, you will need to contact an agency or other service provider.

5. We also reserve the right to DECLINE optimizations for any reason – reasons that we are happy to discuss such as insisting on using a particular plugin – but especially the following:

[a] the site has ALREADY been optimized or diagnosed by the WPX Hosting Optimization Team

[b] the site owner refuses to alter the configuration of the problematic site e.g. by replacing a particular plugin or element that is causing issues

[c] refusal by the site owner to answer correspondence on the technical issues in a timely manner e.g. within 24 hours

By Terry Kyle
Chief Dog Lover/CEO
WPX Hosting

If you get stuck with anything discussed here, please contact WPX Support via live chat (use the bottom right hand widget!) and they will usually respond and help within 30 seconds or less.