What can you expect from WPX’s site speed optimization?

When it comes to site speed, every WordPress website is different.

Different templates/themes, different plugins, different PHP versions, different WordPress versions, different functional requirements from blogging to ecommerce to membership programs – you get the idea!

Currently there are nearly 60,000 free plugins in the WordPress plugin repository and their coding quality varies enormously which will affect the optimization outcome.

In fact, regular plugin audits to delete unused and unwanted plugins is just one of many best practices when it comes to running a WordPress site.

Also, on WPX, an empty default WordPress site achieves a virtually perfect score on Google’s Core Web Vitals so it is the changes made to a site by each site owner that can negatively impact performance on Core Web Vitals (desktop):

and on mobile:

How Do We Go About Our Optimization Work?

Before starting the optimization process, our team will create a full website backup of your website. 

Important note: Please avoid working on your website while the optimization process in ongoing. You may lost some work and it will be twice harder for our experts to do their work properly.

If you are unhappy with the results of changes made, your website can be fully reverted back to its original state.

Our optimization team will then optimize your website in the following ways:


1) Installing a cache setup correctly optimized for working with the WPX platform and our custom CDN, thereby (usually) improving performance scores on tools like GT Metrix, Pingdom Tools and Google Page Speed Insights as much as possible;


2)Page Optimization – minify/combine CSS/JS. Very important for page scope improvement, but it may not be possible to be implemented on every website. Our experts will do their best to successfully do the minifcation process for your page.


3) Optimization for all images used on the website by reducing image file sizes with minimal loss of quality. This normally improves the loading speed, test grades and lowers bandwidth consumption;


4) Database optimization (removing unnecessary/old tables from the database, in order to reduce the size and for faster operation). Before the optimization, our team will create a full database backup to ensure that we will return your website fully operational;


5) Detailed plugin audit (our team will review all of your plugins and identify those that are delaying and/or preventing the site from working faster). We will make sure to point out every plugin that consumes too many resources.;


6) Run new GTmetrix tests on the website before and after optimization, with a list of all the changes which our Security & Optimization team has done;


7) Full backups ( files and database/s) before and after optimization, in case you are not satisfied with our optimization.

Generally speaking, these are the targets we are aiming for:

1) TTFB (Time To First Byte) – under 250ms in the state where it’s hosted, under 400ms internationally.
2) FCP (First Contentful Paint) – under 2 seconds.
3) LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) – under 4.5 seconds.
4) Load Time (document complete) – under 2.5 seconds.

Keep in mind that not every website may be able to reach the targets above as site configuration can affect the optimization result.

For example, sites running WooComerce , Ecommerce, LMS, Podcasts, E-Learning, Multilanguage are sites that are much heavier and it is almost impossible to reach these targets for them.

If our Security & Optimization team are unable to optimize your website for some reason, you will receive a full refund.

The time period in which an optimization is completed is 72h – 3 working days, the requests are not being processed during the weekend. Optimization requests send during the weekend will be started on the Monday.

IMPORTANT: At WPX, your first site speed optimization is free for any website hosted with us BUT if extra speed optimizations are requested on the same site that we have previously already optimized, there is a $139 charge for that work.