What is the WordPress ‘Gutenberg’ Update & Do I Need It?

In late 2018, WordPress released their ‘Gutenberg’ 5.X update, so let’s take a quick look at it and answer your big questions on this major update.

Usually, WordPress updates involve minor bug fixes, security issue upgrades, and possibly small feature additions but WordPress’ Gutenberg release goes much deeper than that, specifically in how you create and edit Posts and Pages.

Until now, this has been the standard look of your WordPress website and how you created and edited content (pre-Gutenberg):

As of the release of Gutenberg 5.X, your WordPress site will feature design ‘blocks’ for easier editing and creation, which may take some getting used to:

I prefer the old WordPress, do I have to use Gutenberg?

You absolutely do NOT need to use Gutenberg IF you prefer the ‘classic’ way of working with WordPress.

WordPress has created their own ‘Classic Editor’ plugin specifically for those who want to keep using the older style of Post/Page creation:


By installing and activating this plugin, your WordPress site will work pretty much the same way as it did before Gutenberg came along.
MPORTANT: You SHOULD update to the latest WordPress version for the latest security, speed, and bug fixes regardless of whether you choose to use Gutenberg OR NOT.

Will the WPX Cloud work with Gutenberg?

The WPX Cloud will work perfectly.

Gutenberg only changes how you create and edit your content in WordPress, not the other fundamentals that could be affected by hosting or CDN functionality.

Where can I find out more about Gutenberg?

You can read more on the Gutenberg design philosophy from the team that created it here: