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What is the WPX staging area?

If you would like a test version of your website to fine-tune themes/templates, plugins, layouts, etc, you can do exactly that with WPX’s Staging Area. If you don’t want to make changes on your Live site that your visitors will see or even break your website while developing – the WPX Staging is the right feature for you.

You can create an exact copy of your live website and develop it without breaking or disrupting the functionality of your Live website. The WPX Staging area allows you to merge your Staging site with your Live site. This means that any new blog comments or Post/Page changes on the Live Site, since the Staging version was created, will be kept and only the other changes made on the Staging version are added to the Live site.

Another benefit of the staging website is that you can use it for re-developing your website from different CMS to WordPress without the need to take down your live website.

For example: If you have one HTML website (no matter where it is currently hosted) but you want to make it over to WordPress without taking it down while developing, you can use the Staging area with fresh WordPress.

Our support agents can assist you with the setup and you can proceed with developing your website hassle-free.

The Staging website relies on subdomains, meaning that you don’t need to do anything too technical to load your website and develop it. You can create it and load it in your browser like any other subdomain, however, it won’t be indexed.

What are the limitations of creating a Staging copy?

1. The Staging copy of your website takes up 1 website slot in your WPX WordPress hosting plan. However, the Staging copy DO NOT take a slot if you have a WooCommerce plan with us!

2. The database has to be under 1 GB. If the database exceeds 1 GB, you will NOT be able to create a staging version, sorry.

3. If you exceed the database limitation, you won’t be able to merge the Staging copy with the Live one.

4. There is a 5 GB file size limitation for the Staging sites. If your website’s files exceed 5 GB in total, you will NOT be able to create a staging version.

5. The Staging area cannot be used for WP Multisite installations.

6. You need to have enough disk space to create the staging copy of your website.

7. A single site can only have one staging copy simultaneously.

8. You need to have WordPress already installed on the website that you want to copy as Staging.

9. The Staging area works only with WordPress websites.

You can find more articles related to our Staging Area here:

If you have any other questions on the topic, don’t hesitate to contact the WPX Support Team via live chat (use the bottom right-hand widget) and they will respond and help within 30 seconds or less.

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