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Why does WPX have zero tolerance towards Abusive customer behavior?

An еxplanation оf оur Policy оn Abusive Customer behavior

While I fully understand that technical problems with a website can be extremely frustrating, here are the main reasons why we don’t tolerate abusive, threatening, or bullying behavior from customers.

In such cases, we usually require this tiny minority of WPX customers to leave us within 48 hours.

Reason #1:

The support agent is a human being who is only trying to help resolve your issues, as quickly as possible.

I believe that all people, inside and outside WPX, should be treated with respect, dignity, and good manners, even in challenging situations.

Reason #2:

If the abusive customer could fix the problem themselves, they would have already resolved the issue.

In short, they need help, and swearing at a support agent or threatening them does nothing to resolve the actual problem.

Reason #3:

Often the technical issue has been caused by a factor outside the control of WPX e.g. plugin updates, plugin conflicts with other plugins, template issues, Cloudflare problems, too many plugins on a site (the all-time record is 200!), or other issues.

Though we accept it as a normal part of the hosting business, the simple reality is that we often get the blame for something that has nothing to do with WPX.

One of the benefits of WPX’s independence is choosing who we do business with and the vast majority of WPX customers are extremely nice and value our service.

How do we define abuse?

Ironically, abusive people generally don’t regard their behavior as abusive but here is how we define it and what can be grounds for permanent expulsion from WPX:

  • swearing at support agents;
  • insulting support agents with personal slurs;
  • accusing support agents of lying or dishonesty;
  • acting with a ‘master-slave’ mentality where support agents are ‘slaves’.

Hopefully, those criteria are clear enough.

If you have been sent to this page by a WPX Support Agent, I urge you to act more cooperatively while we do our best to resolve your technical issues, or else we may need to end our business relationship here.

If I was your customer and abused your staff who were trying to help me, you shouldn’t tolerate that kind of behavior either.

By Terry Kyle
Co-founding CEO, WPX Hosting
Arguably The World’s Fastest WP Host

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