WP Plugins & Themes: Can Be Great & Terrible For Your Site

(especially how fast or slow your ‘backend’ WP admin panel operates!)

Plugins (and different themes) are one of the best features of WordPress.

They can both offer great add-on functions specific to different business types, niches, and monetization methods.

Plus, with such a variety of WP plugin functions available now (58,000+ free plugins in the WP repository now!), there are few needs left unserved due to the staggering quantity of WP plugins types on today’s market – either as free or paid software.

The same applies to themes.

That’s where the good news ends however.

With so many plugins and themes available, plenty of them have been badly coded by well-meaning amateurs who don’t fully understand that poor coding can crash a whole website, kill a server or be incompatible with the latest version of WordPress, or other plugins.

And, because many plugins and themes are free, no technical support is offered at all and even paid ones can have poor support.

That means that sites crashed by bad plugins or themes have to be fixed either by the hosting company or the website’s owner.

This is why WP Engine bans lots of plugins, Kinsta too, though WPX recognizes that plugins are useful and can enhance the functions of a WordPress website a great deal.

Plugins and themes can also greatly slow down page load speed, depending on what they do, especially trying to load content from massively overloaded, external servers that are not under the control of the hosting company e.g Google, Facebook and ad serving platforms.

It is also quite common for plugins (and themes) – from completely different coders or software companies – to conflict with each other!

If your site has just gone down, the first thing to check is whether you have just installed a new plugin, updated a plugin or theme or adjusted the settings on a previously installed plugin or theme.

The quickest solution, if your site has gone down, is to use FTP to rename your plugins folder to “plugins-disabled”. This will turn off all of your plugins but may also remove any unique settings previously created:

The folder can be found here

You can then REactivate each of your plugins one by one in your WP Admin panel until you find the one causing the problem.

If that sounds too difficult and technical, WPX Support Staff can do that for you, fast and free.

As a general rule, it is best practice to use as few plugins as possible for the reasons mentioned above.

And almost every Webmaster today is hoarding way too many (no longer used or relevant) plugins on their WP sites.

Themes can be just as buggy.

If you’re still unclear about plugins or themes, please raise a support ticket with us here:


and we will answer asap!