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How can I integrate my site with Ezoic?

Nowadays, it is important to have a fully integrated site working simultaneously with cache plugins and a CDN provider. Ezoic is exactly that and it provides additional functionalities such as integrating and promoting different ads on your website.

This article will cover the main things you need to know about Ezoic and how you can integrate it with your website, here at WPX.

Can I use Ezoic with WPX Hosting?

Yes, you can use Ezoic and any other third-party platform such as Cloudflare, and our WPX XDN. Since Ezoic is mainly oriented toward promoting and providing users the ability to use ads to fund their businesses and traffic, it is not focused so much on content delivery.

It is important to have a fully dedicated Content Delivery Network and that is where WPX XDN comes in. You can integrate it and use it at the same time with Ezoic, which would let you get the benefit of performance on our end and ads integration on their end.

Ezoic integration using Nameservers

The first option to integrate your website with Ezoic would be through DNS – NS records. This method allows you to use the Ezoic CDN network and features.

To complete the integration you would need to create and log in to your Ezoic account from where you will need to get the specific Nameservers that need to be changed.

The last step would be to log in to your Domain Registrar from where you manage your domain and make the needed changes.

If you wish to use our WPX XDN with Ezoic, you will need to manually add the needed A records to your account, so that it can continue to work correctly.

More on Ezoic Integration via Nameservers can be found here.

Ezoic integration with Cloudflare

If you already have a Cloudflare account, you can easily connect to Ezoic without changing any DNS records.

Ezoic is a Certified Cloudflare partner which makes the process very easy. When you create an account with Ezoic, it will immediately detect if the site is using Cloudflare CDN. From there, you will be prompted to connect both accounts via username and password which will complete the process.

More on Ezoic Integration via Cloudflare can be found here.

Ezoic integration with WordPress Plugin

There is a way to connect Ezoic with your WordPress site through a plugin as well. Keep in mind that this process is slower and can cause issues with plugin conflict.

The plugin is Ezoic’s own and it comes with some cache features which will allow you to configure your integration and use it further.

In this case, there are no DNS changes needed and you can continue using your active WPX XDN if enabled.

More on the plugin integration can be found here.

WPX XDN integration with Cloudflare and Ezoic

You can use our WPX XDN with both Ezoic and Cloudflare. The process is more complicated and will require you to make DNS changes.

Since the integration between Cloudflare and Ezoic happens by linking both accounts, the active DNS zone will be at Ezoic, despite the NS records being pointed to Cloudflare. The management of records will need to be handled from Ezoic Dashboard to take effect. There, you will need to add specific A records connecting our WPX XDN to your website, so it can start working.

More on the topic of how to integrate WPX XDN with Cloudflare and/or Ezoic can be found here.

These are the three main methods with which you can connect your website to Ezoic. Remember that it is always best to set up the site and prepare to test the integration before any live promotions or work you may be doing during a campaign you planned.

If there is an issue with the site, the debugging process would be harder and slower since it would require checking the website and making sure that the issue is server-related or to any of the third-party services you may be using such as Cloudflare or Ezoic.

If you have any other questions on the topic, please get in touch with WPX Support Team via live chat (use the bottom right-hand widget) and they will respond and help within 30 seconds or less.

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