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What does WPX do to protect your websites?

Keeping your website safe is an ongoing requirement of modern digital entrepreneurship. With that being said WPX has put the security on the servers at top-level priority. In this article, we will talk more about what we have implemented to make sure that your websites are secure here at WPX.

Hybrid DDoS Protection.

Our custom XDN (WPX Cloud) utilizes hybrid DDoS protection that includes a blend of DDoS mitigation services that we can dynamically switch. Our origin server locations are using a single DDoS mitigation service provider which varies on each location.

Brute-Force Protection.

What does Brute-Force protection mean?

For example, if somebody tries to log in to your wp-admin with the wrong Captcha (or via FTP using the wrong credentials) 5 times within one minute, their IP address will be blocked for 1 hour. This would prevent bots/hackers from accessing your information.

More information on different fields where the Brute-Force Protection is applied can be found in this article.

Daily Malware Scans.

We also scan your websites for malware every day. We can clean most of the malware files as soon as we find them, however, sometimes the workload is heavy and we may not be able to get to your site as soon as it is infected. That is why you need to monitor your website for suspicious behavior.

You may find out that your website has been hacked/compromised before us, so please make sure to check out our guide about what you can do in those cases.

Web Application Firewall (WAF).

We also have a ModSecurity Firewall set up on all WPX servers. Our Security Team is constantly monitoring different vulnerabilities and results from the daily scans. With the results they get, they are constantly adding security rules to the Firewall, so we can avoid mass malware infections.

Daily Backups.

We make daily backups of all websites hosted with us and keep them for 28 days. We have implemented options that you can create your backups and use those for local keeping.

If you want to know more about WPX backup and restore processes, you can check out this category in our Knowledgebase.

Staying up to date.

We are running the latest and most stable versions of all server software. Everything is tested thoroughly before being installed on our servers.

Domain WHOIS Protection.

We also provide WHOIS Protection for all WPX domain customers. This service will help prevent your personal information from being retrieved by others online through WHOIS requests.

SSL Certificates.

If you have signed up with us, this means that we have all of your sites covered with free SSL certificates courtesy of Let’s Encrypt.

More about that can be found in the SSL Certificates category in our Knowledgebase.

Don’t have a hosting account, yet?

If you have any other questions on the topic, don’t hesitate to contact the WPX Support Team via live chat (use the bottom right-hand widget) and they will respond and help within 30 seconds or less.

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